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Blind Contact Lenses

Pocket Darkroom Experience

pocket darkroom whiteout blackout contact lenses
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BLIND Black Contact Lenses
Blackout Opaque BLIND Contact Lenses
BLIND White Contact Lenses
Whiteout Opaque BLIND Contact Lenses

      As low as £24.99 Per Pair


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No Pupil. No Escape.

By MaxVue Vision


The world's only specialist supplier of no pupil "blinding" opaque contact lenses for Roleplay, Theatre, Cosplay, Halloween and the simulation of no vision, just like a blindfold.

"Blind" lenses plunge you into a darkroom.

No prescription necessary, easy to put in, comfortable to wear and once in place, gives the great look of a zombie, with the visual sensory deprivation you just can't get from normal contacts.


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